MoMaureen Shutt-Bodkin was a wellspring of enthusiasm and joy. She shared her excitement and love with everyone, especially her students. Maureen encouraged everyone to perform and participate regardless of ability and always offered positive comments and hopeful feedback for the future. Maureen led by example, never shying away from an opportunity to perform. If an opportunity did not exist, she created one. Because of Maureen’s spirit of love and excitement, countless students were inspired to step into a larger world of joy, beauty, and friendship through the arts.

Application requirements and procedures:

Applicant must be a senior at Islip High School enrolled in the Art or Music program. The successful applicant will embody Maureen’s spirit of artistic risk-taking, enthusiasm, inspiration, and drive.

The application has 2 components:

  1. Curriculum Vitae of arts participation throughout the community during High School. Include proof of process, i.e.:
  • Titles of pieces performed (especially NYSSMA solos and favorites);
  • Titles of dances performed (specify styles);
  • Titles of plays and musicals performed (specify roles)
  • Digital portfolio of artwork (max of 2/year, 8 total);
  • Digital copies of programs and score sheets where appropriate.
  1. Audio essay 3 to 4 minutes in length (500 – 600 works) in mp3, m4a, or mp4 format. State your name at the beginning of the recording. Please inclu de outline or notes used for recording. Audio essay topic:
    • The creation of art involves a process. Throughout high school, you have been undertaking the process of creating an artwork- specifically, you. What new and different things did you try along the way? What drove you to take artistic risks, to put yourself out there? What energized you in your pursuit of artistry? How did you share your energy with others?

All materials are due by May 1, 2017. Submit all material by attaching to a single email sent to with subject: Shutt-Bodkin Scholarship.