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Grade 3 Instrument Selection

7611759_origIt’s that time of year again! Third graders are deciding whether they want to be violists or saxophonists, trumpeters or cellists. To help with the process, we have a number of videos we’ve put together for the purpose of helping students decide. Visit our Third Grade Instrument page or visit Mr. Baur’s similar page (even if you are not from CRES.)


Jazz Appreciation Month

April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Here are a few resources for you to check out.

Click here for information on the featured image, “Titans of Jazz” by Leroy Neiman.

Jazz Appreciation Month resources from The Smithsonian

Tickets to “The Wiz”

Follow the link below to purchase tickets to “The Wiz” at Islip HS March 16-20

Click to see the entire poster

Practice-a-thon for Long Island Cares

During the month of March, musicians across New York State are invited to take part in a Practice-a-Thon with all proceeds going to local food banks. Last year, The Harry Chapin Practice-A-Thon raised $23,000 for food banks on Long Island and this year, with involvement all across NY,  we hope to raise much more.  The Practice-a-thon is a wonderful way to strengthen students’ practice habits while encouraging empathy and teaching students that their actions can make a difference.

Click the link below to download the forms to participate. You were going to practice anyway. Why not get a few sponsors and help feed the hungry?


Each year, students from all around the Islip District participate in visual arts activities with Islip’s Fine and Performing Arts staff. Whether with colored pencils or paints, on paper or canvas, students are given the opportunity to both practice their artistic skills and create works of art worthy of special recognition.

Click here to view the Art Show online at Sway

On February 7, The Islip Public Schools Office of Fine and Performing Arts recognized 80 artists who created works that displayed both technical ability and artistic growth. The artists ranged in age from 6 to 18 years of age, and worked in media ranging from pencil drawings to darkroom photography. Artists and their families came to participate in a recognition ceremony and to see their works and the works of others on display. Continue reading “ISLIP SHOWCASES OUTSTANDING VISUAL ARTISTS”

“Into The Woods” in the local news

“Into The Woods” as reported in the Islip Bulletin (Feb 23, 2017)
"Into The Woods" as covered in South Bay (Feb 22, 2017)
“Into The Woods” as covered in South Bay (Feb 22, 2017)

High School Theater Talents Showcased with ‘Into the Woods’

Morgiana McDevitt as Cinderella

For four nights in January, the high school’s theater arts class brought beloved storybook characters to life in a very non-traditional way in their production of “Into the Woods.” This memorable Broadway play, with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, served as a remarkable showcase for the students’ vocal talents. Continue reading “High School Theater Talents Showcased with ‘Into the Woods’”

Art Show- now online!

Drop by Sway to see all the pieces from our Feb 7 Art Show, plus pics of some of the artists. Click the photo to be dazzled.

Untitled by Kyle Renwick


Swing Caroling

Check out pictures from the Swing Caroling trip around the district on December 22 on Sway.


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