Grade 3 Instrument Selection

Getting Started

Each year our 3rd grade students have the opportunity to select the instrument they will begin playing in grade 4. The process begins with an introduction to the instrument families in Music Class. It is followed by a parent information meeting and Instrument Petting Zoo at the Middle School. Students get an additional opportunity to hold and try to play instruments in each of the families during class time. A demonstration by members of our music staff, as well as a demonstration performance by our finest middle school musicians gives each third grade child a great deal of information and experience to assist in their choices.

A letter and form are sent home with each student so they can discuss their choices as a family. When the form is returned, our staff evaluates the choices and selects (from among the student choices) the instrument we feel is best suited to the students physical and musical attributes. Please note that this may not be their first choice, but it is what we believe to be their best opportunity for success.

Parents and students can find more information on the instruments by visiting the pages below:

Brass Family (Band)            String Family (Orchestra)       Woodwind Family (Band)

For an introduction to each group, view these videos:

Be Part of The Band                        Be Part of The Orchestra

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