Brass Family

Students choosing a brass instrument will become members of Band.

For general questions about the instrumental program, please consult the Islip Elementary Instrument Handbook. See the descriptions and videos below for more information.

Trumpet: The trumpet is the high voice of the brass section. The trumpet player creates the sound by “buzzing” their lips against the mouthpiece.

Trombone: The trombone is a unique brass instrument in that it as no valves to change the pitch. Rather, players use a long slide to change the length of the instrument which changes its sound.

Baritone Horn: The Baritone Horn, also known as the Euphonium (which means “well sounding”) plays in the same range as the Trombone but uses valves instead of a slide. Because the instrument plays in the same range as the human voice, it is often called on to play solos.

French Horn: The Horn, also known as the French Horn, is a very difficult instrument to play in the brass family. It also creates its sound when a player “buzzes” their lips against its very small mouthpiece. Students are encouraged to think very carefully before choosing this instrument as it will require dedication and hard work from its player.

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